Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is spiku (lapis Surabaya)?

Hello, Readers!

Triple Delight Cake
     Last week, I told you about Euforia's Thousand Layer Cake, the history behind it and how it's made.  This week, I want to tell you about Euforia's Triple Delight Cake, or as it's traditionally known, lapis Surabaya or spiku.
     Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and the capital of East Java.  Lapis Surabaya originates from Surabaya (hence the name), but residents don't call it that.  Ask a Surabayan about lapis Surabaya, and you might get a blank stare.  Instead, they call it "spiku," and like the lapis legit (Thousand Layer Cake), it is popular for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and holidays.  Spiku typically only has three layers - two vanilla, one chocolate, and a thin layer of jam holding the layers together.  There are lots of variations on this, for example, at Euforia, we use buttercream frosting instead of jam.
     Spiku is not as labor intensive as the lapis legit, but it does use similar ingredients.  Like most Indonesian desserts, instead of using baking powder or baking soda, egg yolks are used to achieve a fluffy, silky texture.  Sugar, butter, cocoa, and flour make up the rest of the cake.  Simple, basic ingredients produce an amazing dessert.
     At Euforia, we call spiku the "Triple Delight Cake," but we keep to tradition using Kartika's family recipes!  For those who are gluten-free, rest assured, we use a blend of potato, rice, tapioca, and almond flour in place of wheat, but the taste is still amazing!  We'd love for you to discover our delicious, Indonesian cakes.