Monday, August 29, 2011

New Happenings at euforia!

A lot has been going on at euforia!

Wholesale Catalog now available! For those of you interested in euforia's wholesale products and prices, please contact us. We now have a wholesale catalog available for you. We are also now on BBF (buyer's best friend), so check us out there, but you will still need to contact us or log into BBF to see wholesale prices.

New Products! This is probably the most exciting announcement. We now have a whole set of new products for you to choose from: whole roll (similar to baumkuchen), whole mini cake, and whole maxi (large version of the mini), and a party-sized box, just in time for the holidays! Throw your guests a truly gourmet party by adding enough euforia for everyone. That also makes a great gift for impressing your large clients!

Giveaways!! This announcement is also very cool. We have partnered with a few cool blogs to giveaway euforia. One giveaway is being held at, and that giveaway lasts until September 9. The other current giveaway is being held at, and that giveaway lasts until September 17! Later in the month of September, we are holding yet another great blog giveaway.

We appreciate your interest in euforia. Check out the website to see the new products and contact us if you need wholesale information. Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you checked out the blog at Fooducopia? is an online marketplace for buying some really unique artisanal foods. It caught our eye early on, and one of the neat things about the Fooducopia blog is that they like to feature up and coming artisans.

We're so pleased to say that recently, the staff at Fooducopia chose to honor Kartika and euforia with a feature! It is called "Simple Ingredients Meet Old World Legacy." Please have a look when you get a chance!

Also, be sure to check out euforia's whole new line of retail products. They are amazing!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mille Crêpe vs. euforia™ Thousand-Layer Cake

Mille crêpe lovers, have you tried euforia Thousand-Layer Cake? euforia is a layer cake, similar to mille crêpe yet altogether different. Still, if you are into gourmet food, you ought to add euforia to your list of cakes to try.

Mille Crêpe
Like many delicious gourmet foods, mille crêpe is priced highly, however, much of the cost of purchasing mille crêpe is due to how it must be shipped. Mille crêpe is a delicate cake, since it is made with a lot of a large portion of cream, and it will spoil fast if not refrigerated. It has to be shipped overnight, and companies have to use a lot of special packaging material to maintain the cake's shape and optimum temperature insulation.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kopi Luwak Indonesian Coffee & euforia cake - SFFS Recap

Have you heard of civet coffee or kopi luwak? It is the most expensive coffee in the world, it is sold around $100-$600 per pound, and it is mainly produce in Indonesia. (see wikipedia for more info). This coffee has to pass the civet digestive system, before it is fermented, cleaned and ready to be roasted. One of the staff at the booth showed how the coffee bean looked like when it is freshly processed by the civet.

My fellow Indonesian, Felix Tanzil, who just started his company, Nagadi Coffee, is selling various kinds of coffee, which is sourced from Indonesia, the world largest producer for robusta bean. He brings in fresh coffee from Indonesia and roast the coffee in United States, so the consumer will experienced a fresh roasted coffee. He also carries kopi luwak.

As you can see in the photo, he was offering free coffee drinks and samples at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Luckily, I had the opportunity to taste kopi luwak. I hated coffee until I had the kopi luwak. To me, coffee was simply a bitter drink with burnt aroma. But I like mocha.