Monday, August 1, 2011

Kopi Luwak Indonesian Coffee & euforia cake - SFFS Recap

Have you heard of civet coffee or kopi luwak? It is the most expensive coffee in the world, it is sold around $100-$600 per pound, and it is mainly produce in Indonesia. (see wikipedia for more info). This coffee has to pass the civet digestive system, before it is fermented, cleaned and ready to be roasted. One of the staff at the booth showed how the coffee bean looked like when it is freshly processed by the civet.

My fellow Indonesian, Felix Tanzil, who just started his company, Nagadi Coffee, is selling various kinds of coffee, which is sourced from Indonesia, the world largest producer for robusta bean. He brings in fresh coffee from Indonesia and roast the coffee in United States, so the consumer will experienced a fresh roasted coffee. He also carries kopi luwak.

As you can see in the photo, he was offering free coffee drinks and samples at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Luckily, I had the opportunity to taste kopi luwak. I hated coffee until I had the kopi luwak. To me, coffee was simply a bitter drink with burnt aroma. But I like mocha.

I was hesitant when I was offered a taste of kopi luwak. But knowing all the raves about this coffee, it really intrigued me. So, I decided to give this coffee a try. To my surprise this coffee tasted 'delicious'. It is a nice drink, far from what I remember as a bitter drink.

Imagine having this coffee with euforia thousand-layer cake. Heaven!

Then, I decided to try a different coffee, also from Indonesia. Yup, it reminded me of the bitterness that I dislike. All the coffees that I tasted were without sugar/sweetener. The other Indonesian fellow I met was Fany Setiyo from LeSantuarie. She claimed that her premium spices is a trusted brand by The French Laundry restaurant. We happened to grew up in the same neighborhood in Jakarta, but never knew each other before. What a small world.