Monday, August 8, 2011

Mille Crêpe vs. euforia™ Thousand-Layer Cake

Mille crêpe lovers, have you tried euforia Thousand-Layer Cake? euforia is a layer cake, similar to mille crêpe yet altogether different. Still, if you are into gourmet food, you ought to add euforia to your list of cakes to try.

Mille Crêpe
Like many delicious gourmet foods, mille crêpe is priced highly, however, much of the cost of purchasing mille crêpe is due to how it must be shipped. Mille crêpe is a delicate cake, since it is made with a lot of a large portion of cream, and it will spoil fast if not refrigerated. It has to be shipped overnight, and companies have to use a lot of special packaging material to maintain the cake's shape and optimum temperature insulation.

However, euforia ships really well, and for that reason, we can ship it for low cost, so that you are paying for the quality of the cake and not the intricacy of the way it's shipped. Each slice of euforia cake is individually wrapped. We can ship it in a really warm or very cold temperature, once it is stored at cool room temperature, it will be back to normal flavor and texture. euforia will keep well refrigerated but also can be kept at room temperature, and each box comes with an expiration date.

We hope gourmet cake lovers and distributors will give euforia a try. If you have any questions about shipping or how the cake is made, just let us know!