Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is a "Thousand Layer Cake?"

Hello, readers!  

Thousand Layer Cake from Euforia
     Here at Euforia Confections, the first cake we made is our "Thousand Layer Cake."  Because it's not a traditional cake here in the United States, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about it - history, how it's made, etc.
     The Dutch colonized Indonesia beginning in the late 16th century, creating the Dutch East Indies.  Over time, aspects of Dutch culture began to assimilate into the Indonesian culture, including cooking and food traditions.  "Baumkuchen," a cake dating back from the late 1500's, was a very traditional dessert with the Dutch when they came to Indonesia (and continues to be today).  It is prepared by brushing cake batter onto a spit over and over forming layers and becoming a large, round, layered cake.   Baumkuchen translates to "tree cake" in German because the cake's striations look like tree rings.
Traditional Baumkuchen
     In Indonesia, the techniques to create Baumkuchen, in addition to the spices and ingredients indigenous to Indonesia, led to creating "Lapis Legit" (literally translated to rich, layered cake).  The cake traditionally contains aromatic spices found in Indonesia lending the cake a complex flavor and an amazing aroma.  The layered structure of the cake is created by spreading a thin layers of cake batter in a pan, baking it, then spreading another layer of batter, and so forth until the cake has reached the desired height.  Because lapis legit requires a lot of work and time, coupled with the richness of the cake, it is very popular for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holiday celebrations.
Thousand Layer Cake from Euforia
     Kartika, Euforia's founder, grew up baking Lapis Legit with her mother in Indonesia.  After her mother's passing, she started Euforia Confections in 2011 to continue baking these traditional cakes.  Euforia's Thousand Layer Cake is available in vanilla and lemon flavors, in addition to the traditional spice flavor.  Using only all-natural ingredients and making them gluten-free, these hand made cakes are truly labors of love.  We hope you get the opportunity to try them for yourselves!

All the best from us at Euforia!