Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our favorite desserts go gluten-free!

Hello Readers!

     I'm hoping this post finds you well!  Last week, we talked about our favorite Indonesian foods, and included some recipes, which we hope you got to try and enjoy.  This week, we are all about dessert, and while you can always order a Triple Delight or Thousand Layer Cake from Euforia, sometimes, it's nice to get into the kitchen, tie on the apron, and get baking.  Baking is how I achieve catharsis and I recommend it.  Since Euforia Confections are gluten-free, the recipes I include will be gluten-free too.
     Not only is it seasonally appropriate, but pumpkin pie is a great option for the gluten intolerant because you don't need to make any substitutions with the filling.  To start any pie, you need a good crust.  I am terrible at homemade pie crust, but fortunately, Pillsbury makes a pretty tasty gluten-free pie crust - it comes in a tub, so just scoop and roll it out.  If you would like to have a tasty, made-from-scratch crust, King Arthur has a gluten-free flour and a good recipe to accompany it.  Here's the link to the always-popular Libby's Pumpkin Pie recipe.
     I always get excited for cookies, but I know finding a good gluten-free cookie is hard to find.  Plus, I know in a lot of markets, the ingredients to make gluten-free baked goods can be difficult to find (ever try to find xantham gum in West Virginia?).  Bisquick has been making baking easier for me for years, and fortunately, Gluten-free Bisquick is available now.  I've tried the peanut butter cookie recipe, and it's definitely worth making (if you can add chocolate chips to the dough, it's even better!)
Chocolate souffle
     Now for the chocolate (Come now, you didn't think I'd have a dessert list and not include chocolate?):  Going gluten-free is a great reason to make a souffle!  They're is no need for flour substitutes or anything else to make them, all you need is chocolate, eggs, butter, and sugar, and has a great recipe.  Even though they are surprisingly easy to make (just don't overmix!), your guests will be very impressed when you serve souffles at your next gathering!
     If you're craving something sweet and you feel like baking, I hope these recipes give you a little inspiration.  If not, there are tons of great cookbooks, blogs, and resources out there.  However, if you want something sweet, something that will go great at your next gathering, Euforia Confections can do the work for you!  Our cakes are gluten-free, all-natural, delicious, and easy clean-up!

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