Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Gourmet Find: Jams and Jellies from A Perfect Pear

Note: Kartika just got back from the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend yesterday (Sunday) so look out for an update on how the weekend went!

Our blog is brand new, but we already want to start some traditions, including Great Gourmet Find Mondays. This is the first one, and our Great Gourmet Find is A Perfect Pear.

Facebook: A Perfect Pear
Twitter: @aperfectpear

Where we spotted them:
We originally found them on Fooducopia, through their Cinnamon Pear Jelly which sounded like it would make a great addition to our thousand-layer spice cake. 

We noticed that they're not very active on Facebook or Twitter, but you never know when that could change!

Item Spotlight:
The things that stand out to us are the Cinnamon Pear Jelly, Pear Fig Jam, Cinnamon Pear Maple Syrup, Chocolate Pear Cabernet Sauce, and the White Chocolate Pear Chardonnay Sauce.

Check them out!