Thursday, March 8, 2012

euforia introduces a new coffee: Colombia La Argentina Micro-lot

We are so excited to share with everyone we have a new coffee Colombia
La Argentina Micro-lot.
The Colombian coffee has been recognized worldwide as having high quality and distinctive taste. Colombia Associacion Alcafesan coffee is a microlot harvested in the spring (between May and June) by eleven producers in the area of San Antonio town,
in the Department of Tolima, Colombia.

The farmers are members of the Alcafesan Coffee Associacion, and the average farm size is 4 acres.This coffee offers a refined take on the sweet, fruit-driven profile that the Tolima micro-region is becoming known for.

An intense, characterful aroma leads to a cup bursting with dark fruits, caramel, and spice.This freshly roasted coffee bean will be shipped directly from Nagadi Coffee facility in Silver Spring, MD. Nagadi Coffee is only selling freshly roasted coffee bean.To learn more about this new coffee Here