Saturday, March 24, 2012

euforia at Four Corners event

At the Four Corners event we recently attended, next to euforia was Javino's, a Vinocopia Barrel seller, there presentation was stunning!

Wherever you dine or socialize in your home, Vinocopia Wine Barrels make a stylish addition. Handcrafted of reclaimed French and American Oak in Mendoza, Argentina, your barrel has a charm all its own, and delivers your wine exactly as it was meant to be enjoyed.

According to Geoff from Javino's you can enjoy your wine for at least 8 weeks, compare to 2 days if you keep your wine in the bottle. Isn't it cool?

If you like to enjoy euforia cake with your wine, Geoff recommends his 2010 Loscano white wine.

Vist them sometime HERE as well get your delious cake HERE and dine in bliss!