Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fancy Food Show: A Recap

Here is my late report from the Fancy Food Show. This show only opens to professionals and media. This is the biggest specialty food show in America. This year the event occupied two massive floors for exhibition, with participants from all over the world. There are other programs held as well during this show. There are programs for business to business; classes for people who are interested in starting new food businesses, and various educational subjects that are useful for established businesses, too. 

Also, there is a food competition held at this event called SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) award. It is such a big show that my friend from NPR (National Public Radio), which building was just a block away from convention center, could only cover 1/3 area of the lower floor in one day. She regretted that she came on the last day of the show. If you are really curious with everything you see at the show, you probably need to come to the show everyday for two weeks. :-)

This a show where exhibitors brought lots of food for sample and display. Since selling food without allowing people to taste is pointless, every company here was offering samples/tasting. 

View more pictures: 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show

If you walked in one aisle, and tasted all the samples, you probably will be full for the rest of the day. My tradeshow assistant, Chelsea Lew, told me she could have breakfast, lunch, and dinner free at the show floor. She is right. I also want to add that you can get dessert, snack, beverage (juice, alcoholic, etc), spice, silverware, packaging, baking needs, and so on. For exhibitor who are offering highly “perishable” food for sample, they discarded the food at the end of the day. Sometimes they gave away food to other exhibitors. 

I had the best tasting sausage at this show. Too bad I forgot to ask the company name. Thank you anyway. 

Guess what happened at the end of the show? Most companies gave away their samples! If you are there, you are free to take them, because it helps to lighten their load. My NPR friend has lots of sample that is enough to fill 1/3 of her pantry shelves. Chelsea got a lot of cheese, a big chunk, that still last in her fridge until today. And me, I gave away my sample to NPR through my friend. I am a big fan of NPR. So I hope the NPR staff enjoys euforia. One more thing, this show floor smelled like heaven eveyday. There exhibiting companies nearby our booth who cooks hot savory food all the time. What a yummy show!