Friday, July 22, 2011

Latest Review of euforia Thousand-Layer Cake

It's not that every individual review of euforia thousand-layer cake deserves its own post. But this was something special.

Laurie, the winner of the euforia My Dad and His Good Food Father's Day giveaway, had us ship the cake to her dad. Here was the 5-star review she left yesterday on our website:

"I am in Euphoria!

The delightful package arrived at my parent's home as requested. The Cakes were beautifully packaged. They were a delight for my parent's who are diet conscious and very aware of their intake! Lovely gift item! I would recommend to Anyone looking for thet "just right gift"! Fantastic!
Reviewed by:  Laurie@FoodisLove from Miami. on 7/21/2011

If you've tried euforia and haven't left a review on the website, we would love to hear from you. So far, we've heard nothing but positive things about euforia from those who have purchased it or sampled it.

Thank you to Laurie and we're looking forward to leaving more people in Euphoria!