Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can Gluten-Free Cake Really Taste as Good as Cake with Flour?

We think so. In fact, euforia's flourless cake (as in no flour; not a scratch of it... at all), is so good and tastes so much like the original, that we received a response from a food editor that they didn't believe it! They said that there must be some type of flour in there somewhere.

Photo Courtesy of Foodette-Reviews.blogspot.com!

But, there's not. If you've ever tried flourless cake - the kind that is simply a non-flour version of a traditional cake (like chocolate cake), you'll notice a lot of differences. For one, flourless cake is typically denser, and sometimes it is even sweeter than normal.

euforia is already moist. The only difference you may notice in the gluten-free/flourless version is that it is just as moist - sometimes even more moist - than the version with flour.

How is this possible?

The baking process is really the only explanation. ALL euforia cakes - flourless or not - go through a layer-by-layer baking process, in which each layer is baked individually, one on top of the other. When the first layer is baked, batter is poured on top of it, creating a second layer. That is baked, and then a 3rd layer of batter, etc. It takes 4 hours. The first layer benefits from all of the moisture in the layers on top of it.

The whole cake has layers upon layers of moist, sweet flavor.

Because the cake consists of layers, the layers give the flourless version a traditional cake-like texture, even though there is absolutely no flour in it at all. Kartika spent a long time perfecting this version. We believe you will adore it!!

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